Oakland’s McCutchen tops All-Star starters

Athletes outfielder Andrew McCutchen, the only player named on all nine submitted ballots, heads a group of four Oakland players among the 20 to win the voting for the 2016 All-Star Game.2016 asg

McCutchen joins catcher Francisco Cervelli, first baseman Paul Goldschmidt and third baseman Justin Turner in representing the league-leading Athletes on the South League squad. Turner tied Louisville’s Pablo Sandoval in the hot corner balloting.

The Long Rifles will also send rookie shortstop Francisco Lindor to the game, hosted by the Brooklyn Cubs at Yankee Stadium. The other SL starters are Tijuana’s Robinson Cano (second base) and Jose Bautista (outfield) and St. Louis’ Chris Davis (designated hitter) and rookie Randal Grichuk (outfield).

Brooklyn and Ottawa each had three players elected to start for the North League, including a tie between second basemen Dustin Pedroia of the Argonauts and Dee Gordon of the Cubs.

The host team’s other representatives are catcher Buster Posey and first baseman Eric Hosmer. Ottawa’s Carlos Correa, who joins Lindor as a rookie elected to start at short, and outfielder AJ Pollock will accompany Pedrioa.

Chicago’s Mike Trout was elected as a write-in candidate to start in the NL outfield. The rest of the North squad is rounded out by Cleveland’s Bryce Harper (outfield) and Mike Moustakas (third base) and Boston rookie DH Kyle Schwarber.

Pitchers and reserves will be announced later this week.

2016 All-Star starters


C – Francisco Cervelli, Oakland

1B – Paul Goldschmidt, Oakland

2B – Robinson Cano, Tijuana

SS – Francisco Lindor, Louisville

3B – (tie) Justin Turner, Oakland; Pablo Sandoval, Louisville

OF – Andrew McCutchen, Oakland

OF – Jose Bautista, Tijuana

OF – Randal Grichuk, St. Louis

DH – Chris Davis, St. Louis


C – Buster Posey, Brooklyn

1B – Eric Hosmer, Brooklyn

2B – (tie) Dee Gordon, Brooklyn; Dustin Pedroia, Ottawa

SS – Carlos Correa, Ottawa

3B – Mike Moustakas, Cleveland

OF – Bryce Harper, Cleveland

OF – AJ Pollock, Ottawa

OF – Mike Trout, Chicago

DH – Kyle Schwarber, Boston