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Spring Training Complete – Waiver Draft 1/1 @ 11am

Spring Training

The Waiver/FA draft is set for Sunday (New Years Day.) We will start at 11:00 A.M. Rosters cannot exceed 45 during the draft. What that means is if you are at 45 and you make a selection you must immediately make a cut. Once again, this is a combination of the old waiver and FA drafts. So anyone released since draft day is available to be selected as well as any player with 2016 MLB playing time. FA lists are available on the website and all cuts are listed on the shared Google Doc we will use for the draft (link below.) As we have done the past few years, the draft will take place via the shared Google Doc and you are responsible for making your selections. Because we have combined the drafts we are expecting more activity than usual. To keep the draft moving we will enforce a three minute time limit. If you do not wish to participate or get to a point you are done making selections it would be appreciated that is communicated so we are not waiting for people who are not engaged in the draft.

Waiver Draft

Draft set for Sunday, First Pick due in a 1pm

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UPDATE: Click the following links for the Draft Day Info (availability/contact), Draft Picks and the 2017 Draft spreadsheets.  

The 2017 PGBL Draft is less than a week away (Sunday, November 6 at Fifth Third Bank Stadium). Please arrive at Fifth Third Bank Stadium around 12 noon to get set-up. First pick will be made at 1pm.

To help with draft prep, Paul has compiled his free agent listings. Please double check and verify that players are not on existing rosters. To access the listings, click below.

2017 Draft - Available Players

2017 PGBL Draft Packets Available

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UPDATE: Click the following links for the Draft Day Info (availability/contact), Draft Picks and the 2017 Draft spreadsheets.  

As the 2017 PGBL Draft nears (Sunday, November 6 at Fifth Third Bank Stadium), Paul has graciously compiled his Free Agent listings for the league to use for draft prep. The lists are organized by position and include players who featured in a MLB game in 2016. If a team notices any incorrect listings, please feel free to let Paul know.

Thanks Paul for the hard work pulling these together!

To access the listings, click below.

2017 Draft - Available Players

Date set for 2017 Draft (updates)

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The 2017 PGBL Draft will be held on Sunday, Nov. 6, once in the conference room at the Kane County baseball stadium. The date was selected after determining the availability of the room and of a majority of the league owners.

Further details about the start time, as well as possible gatherings both the night before and the night of the draft, will be sent out on email in the near future.

Update: As a reminder, changes to the draft formats announced before last season will be implemented for the 2017 drafts. The primary change is the elimination of what was previously known as the Free Agent Draft.

The Nov. 6 Player Draft will remain 10 rounds, but there will no longer be a draft of free agents immediately following the conclusion of the 10 rounds. The roster limit will be expanded to a maximum of 55 from the day before the Player Draft until cuts for the waiver draft.

After the cuts and before the start of the regular season, we will now have a Waiver/Free Agent draft in place of what was the former waiver draft. In this new W/FA draft, all players released at cut-down as well as free agents who appeared in the majors in 2016 will be in the pool of eligible selections.

Update 2: Reminder, draft picks for the 2022 season became eligible for inclusion in trades at the end of the MLB season.

Date for 2017 draft, tentative season schedule set

PGBL draft logo

The 2017 PGBL Draft will be held on Saturday, November 19th at Fifth Third Bank Ballpark in Geneva. This is one week later than it has been in recent years; hopefully this will make it easier for more owners to attend.

Here is the tentative schedule for the 2016 season:

December 12th – All rosters will be setup in DMB and uploaded to website. Once this is complete I will e-mail/tweet everyone to check for accuracy.

December 27th – Rosters must be trimmed to 45 men.

January 1st – Waiver Draft, time TBD (conducted online via a shared Google doc)

January 4th – Spring Training Lineups Due. This is optional, owners are not required to submit Spring Training lineups.

January 5th and 7th – Spring Training.

January 10th – Lineups, managerial tendencies and depth charts due.

January 11th  – Opening Day

February 13th/14th – All-Star Break

February 20th – Trade Deadline

March 19th – Possible date for playoffs

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