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Memphis makes Castillo top pick in 2018 draft

The Memphis Melee made right-handed starting pitcher Luis Castillo the No. 1 selection in the 2018 PGBL Draft.

The Melee wheeled-and-dealed their way into having five first-round choices, including three of the first four overall. They followed Castillo with first baseman Matt Olson with the No. 2 selection, then complemented Castillo with righty Zack Godley after division-rival St. Louis picked outfielder Chris Taylor at No. 3.

Flagstaff seleced shortstop prospect Fernando Tatis Jr. at No. 5 and Louisville followed by choosing closer Corey Knebel.

Ottawa went with slugging first baseman Justin Smoak, Pittsburgh used consecutive picks on pitcher Jordan Montgomery and shortstop Chris Seise and Calgary capped first 10 with righty Brad Peacock.


Announcement: Final Cuts date

This Saturday, Oct. 28, will be the deadline for pre-draft cuts. At that point the rosters will officially expand to 55, however no team will be allowed to exceed 55 during the draft. So, if you have more draft picks than available 55-man roster openings, you need to make arrangements or plan accordingly. Players released for Final Cuts will be eligible as waiver claims through Oct. 31 (waiver claims process three days after a player is cut).

2018 Draft Day less than a month away

UPDATE: Click the following links for the Draft Day Info (availability/contact), Draft Picks and the 2018 Draft spreadsheets.  

The 2018 PGBL Draft is less than a month away (Saturday, November 11 at Northwestern Medicine Field). Please arrive at around 12:30pm to get set-up. First pick will be made at 1pm (time subject to change).

To help with draft prep, Bryant has compiled free agent listings. Please double check and verify that players are not on existing rosters. To access the listings, see the Draft Research tab on the 2018 Draft page.

Spring Training Complete – Waiver Draft 1/1 @ 11am

The Waiver/FA draft is set for Sunday (New Years Day.) We will start at 11:00 A.M. Rosters cannot exceed 45 during the draft. What that means is if you are at 45 and you make a selection you must immediately make a cut. Once again, this is a combination of the old waiver and FA drafts. So anyone released since draft day is available to be selected as well as any player with 2016 MLB playing time. FA lists are available on the website and all cuts are listed on the shared Google Doc we will use for the draft (link below.) As we have done the past few years, the draft will take place via the shared Google Doc and you are responsible for making your selections. Because we have combined the drafts we are expecting more activity than usual. To keep the draft moving we will enforce a three minute time limit. If you do not wish to participate or get to a point you are done making selections it would be appreciated that is communicated so we are not waiting for people who are not engaged in the draft.

Waiver Draft

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