Boston switches nickname to Bees

Boston’s PGBL franchise will have a new nickname beginning next season.

Owner Joel Fellers announced the team now will be known as the Bees after playing as the Braves since relocating from Minnesota in 2003. Fellers said he has been contemplating the change for a while.

“I wanted to go with Crackers, but our excellent marketing team persuaded me that this was better,” said Fellers.

This will be the fifth moniker for a Boston PGBL entry. The current Brooklyn franchise began as the Boston Bulls in the league’s first season. The team moved to Cleveland for the second season, but returned the following year as the Breakers and then switched, for some reason, to the Rockies.

Fellers said the organization is also making some changes with its farm system.

“We will, however, be moving our Triple-A franchise to Dorchester and naming them the Drunkards,” said Fellers. “That was a hill I was willing to die on.”