All Star Game


Click this link for information about past PGBL All Star Games and the upcoming game.  Features include links to each years lineups and box scores plus the All Time All Star Roster.


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Click this link to read past Insider columns from J. Dan Deeks (who is currently on a one year vacation and counting) and Newsletters from Pat..


Ask the Commish


Follow this link to ask the Commish any questions you might have about the league.




Click this link to read about the past of the PGBL, including the team lineages, historical documents, the Memorial Page and the in-progress Hall of Fame.


Joe Deacon's Blog


Click this link to read  to read Deacon's Short Hops


Joel Feller's Blog


Click this link to read  to read Formerly Fellers on Fantasy



Power Rankings


The Power Rankings are an amateurish attempt to be a computer ranking system akin to college football BCS Poll.  It is a simple formula that compares the OPS of the hitters and pitchers of the ballclub - it does not take in to account platoon splits, defense, speed, or playing time.  And like the BCS Poll it doesn't mean a thing.


Spring Training


Click this link to view statistics and information from spring training.  The teams are assigned to the Cactus or Grapefruit League based on the spring location of the major league stadium the team plays in during the season.  For example Flagstaff plays at Chase Field - and the Diamondbacks play there and they play in the Cactus League so that is where Flagstaff plays in Spring Training.


Team Pages


Click this link to see web pages created by PGBL owners. does not take responsibility for any sickness caused by viewing this material.


Trade Analysis


This feature allows you to see how many trades each team has made since 1/1/05 and how many trades they have made with each team.



Click this link to read about PGBL rivalries.  If you want to start up a rivalry with another team send in the information to the PGBL Office and we will be glad to post and to publicize the rivalry.


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